Wed, 17 Nov 2021

Novvia Group Company, Inmark, Acquires a Majority Interest in Acepac Shanghai

It is believed Inmark, a Novvia Group company backed by Kelso & Company, has acquired a majority interest in the operations of Acepac International, Shanghai, to support its Life Sciences Division.

Both companies have built a strong alliance as they have been working jointly since a decade ago. The collaboration between both companies will definitely be able to provide more robust products and offering to the Asia Pacific while they expand their geographic footprint together. (Novvia Group Company, Inmark, acquires a majority interest in ACEPAC Shanghai as it sets to expand its presence in Asia Pacific 2021)

Life Science & Rigid Container Packaging | Inmark, LLC.

“Acepac has been a trusted strategic partner to Inmark in the Asia Pacific region for over a decade. We are excited about the enhanced product and service offerings this acquisition brings to our existing clients, as well as the tremendous growth opportunities this alliance provides Inmark in the region”

We aspire to expand our geographical footprint through sustainable packaging alternatives. We strive to offer ideal, the best value, practical, and unique packing solutions through developing, creating, and sourcing our supply chains to proactively serve our customers with high-quality products and services. We work closely with our partners and suppliers to reinvent the business and stay relevant in today's market demand.

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