Thu, 28 Mar 2019

Temperature Control Packaging Training Programme with Inmark Asia

Acepac Singapore and China attended a product training conducted by Inmark Asia Headquarters to understand more about temperature control packaging and working business models.
Acepac has been working closely with the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries. It's pivotal for us to be aware of the importance of temperature control packaging. We have to ensure that precise temperature control practices are being applied while shipping out consumer goods or medical specimens. Packaging plays a huge part in the "cold chain" logistic

We have to be well aware of the material chosen for this temperature control packaging (insulating materials, phase change materials, and heating elements). All these packaging materials might seem insignificant, but they are essential to ensure the quality of the goods during shipping.

For instance, most of us are looking forward to getting vaccinated to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But how many of us are aware of the efforts and practices the logistic company such as DHL has devoted in, to ship this vaccination to different parts of the world. Temperature control packaging and business practice are the elements that will indirectly affect the quality of the vaccination we get.